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Tuesday / August 1.
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Caught on tape: Woman collects signatures in Mexico for a pink border wall

Wachaut video mexican wall

Youtube prankster Wachaut has posted a new video in which a sexy hired actress collects signatures in support of Trump’s wall. The actress wanders through  in Mexico City to to see which men will sign anything an attractive woman asks them to.

Wachaut  calls  his videos “social experiments.”   He appears at the beginning of the video, introducing the actress.

Next the actress approaches a variety of  people and asks them to sign a petition to support Trump’s wall. She says she wants the wall to be pink, a ‘very feminist thing’.   Several of the men are filmed signing the petition.

If you do not speak Spanish, it is still easy to follow along by facial expressions alone. One of the men who immediately signs is a accompanied by a woman who objects.  After some cuts to other conversations, the footage returns to this same couple.  The man asks for the actress’s phone number and tells her that the girl who is with him isn’t even his girlfriend.  Watch her reaction!

Other groups question the actress’s mental capacity and tells  her she is damaging her country.

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Natali Herrera, born in San Luis Potosi, México, is a 30 year-old philosophy major with a passion for politics, equality, living beings and words. She currently lives in Tequisquiapan where she works as a freelance writer and translator. She enjoys practicing yoga and running. She is also trying to understand consciousness, dialogue and the nature of life. She may be reached at filogrita@gmail.com

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  • mm

    a guy would sign anything if an attractive girl asks him 🙂

  • You think they make them differently in different parts of the world?!!

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