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Tuesday / August 1.
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Street Dogs of the World Photo Contest

street dog

It’s the first annual Street Dogs of the World Photo Contest! Enter here for free!

Our only  intention is to raise awareness  of our Spay, don’t shoot! message and support international rescue associations who facilitate adoptions. You do not have to pay anything to enter, just send us your photos of street dogs that have been adopted … or not.

Please send your original  photos of the street dogs you love either in your home or on the streets of cities worldwide here. Tell us their story!

street dogWe are looking for photos of the cutest, and the  scruffiest, and the most unusual dogs on the planet. Three categories with ten winners each!

And we know you have these photos on your cell phone. So please share your  favourite images here.

Readers will vote for on your dog, selecting ten dogs in three categories, Cute, Scruffy and Unusual pictures starting June 20 and ending July 30.

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So please don’t forget to share the link with your friends, which helps to raise awareness for the  “Spay, don’t shoot!” around the world.

International Panel of Judges will weigh in with editor’s choice of dog images, while drinking wine and chatting on Skype.

If your photo is  selected for one of the Top Ten in any category  it will be featured  on Worldstir.com and promoted worldwide. So this is your chance to be best in the world and help a great cause!

Who knows, you may have a future as an international dog photographer. But before you quit your day job,  be sure to click on the photograph of a button below to submit your entry.



Dogs of the world photo contest

Yep, just click on the photograph of the button.

Written by

Alisa Cromer, founder of Worldstir and LocalMediaInsider. She can be reached at alisacromer@gmail.com.

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  • This is such an interesting contest! I’ll have to keep my eye out for a Colorado dog.

    • Hi Sheri – We are making this a street dogs of the world contest – ie muts in included. I’m sure you could probably enter Chip, LOL

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